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Serene and thoughtful landscapes, thunderous clouds, mighty mountains and happily meandering streams are the ingredients of the music of Ova Quintet.

The four musicians all come from different musical backgrounds: Sander has roots based in jazz and South American music on various kinds of guitars. Wilco comes from a classic background but can make his fiddle sing to the tunes of Scandinavia. Vincent has been playing irish folk on the diatonic melodeon and bodhrán for many, many years now.  Serxio was raised in Galicia and has the galician traditional music flowing through his veins and in the sweet and uplifting sounds of his flute. Ines studied the double bass and brings the warm sounds of South America to the music.

Together they form Ova Quintet, with a beautiful, eclectic and energetic sound which feeds the thoughts and lifts the hearts.

Sander Eggen

~ Guitar

Wilco de Bruijn

~ Fiddle

Vincent Pompe van Meerdervoort

~ Melodeon
~ Bodhrán
~ Vocals

Serxio Costoya

~ Flutes
~ Whistles
~ Bodhrán

Ines van Deursen

~ Double Bass

Someday we will actually be in Norway together. Until then, we dream…



Our very first album!
Serene landscapes, thunderous clouds, mighty mountains and meandering streams are the ingredients of the music of Ova Quintet. Close your eyes, let the music inspire your imagination and lift your heart.

Recorded in Sanders livingroom, Mixed by Vincent and Mastered by Rein Sprong at Tilmar Junius Studio ArtEZ Conservatory, Zwolle.

Landscapes is available on Spotify, Apple Music and so on. You can ofcourse support us directly by purchasing the music directly from us on this website!

We have a download or an actual CD available!



For concerts, bookings and general info contact Vincent at +31 6 24 63 75 07 or send an e-mail to info@ovaquintet.nl

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The landscape photos on this page were found on Unsplash. Top to bottom the creators are D. Valdemaras, Olivier Guillard and Dominyka Guceviciute.